Nokia CEO to speak at MWC 2017 keynote

For a moment there chills ran down our spines – Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri will speak at MWC 2017! Before people get overly excited, we should make it clear that the chances of a phone announcement are quite low.

Look at Suris fellow Keynote speakers – the CEOs of AT&T, KT, Telefonica (carriers), Vivendi (media/games) and Niantic (Pokemon Go), Kaspersky Lab (antivirus)… This will be a mobile state of union type speech, perhaps detailing Nokias dealings with carriers (the companys main business currently is to sell telecom equipment).

Sure, theres the Nokia D1C – a 13.8 tablet, not a phone – but this doesnt like the right crowd that will be interested in an oversized, mid-rangy tablet.

Of course, Mr. Suri can drop the bomb – Were back! – but we wouldnt get our hopes just yet. Still, hope springs eternal.