Nokia 8 rumor bonanza: engineering sample on sale, specs revealed by benchmarks

Heres a detailed bundle of rumors for the Nokia 8. First, someone is selling an engineering sample on Taobao (Chinas eBay), a gold copper unit. You can tell its an early prototype by the lack of a Zeiss logo next to the camera lenses.

Nokia 8 engineering sample
Nokia 8 engineering sample
Nokia 8 engineering sample

Nokia 8 engineering sample

The seller did not confirm any of the specs, luckily a handful of benchmark results have that covered. GFXBench shows a 5.3 QHD screen fed by the powerful GPU of the Snapdragon 835 chipset. Theres 4GB of RAM (after some deliberation) and 64GB built-in storage (of which around 51GB available to the user).

The camera is interesting. Yes, theres a 12MP dual camera on the back, Zeiss optics and all, but the selfie camera is a 12MP shooter as well and get this it shoots 4K video. Only two phones so far can match that HTC Butterfly 3 and the Essential phone.

Nokia 8 specs by: GFXBench
Nokia 8 specs by: Geekbench

Nokia 8 specs by: GFXBench Geekbench

Antutu concurs with these findings, though it labels both cameras 13MP. This is likely a rounding error, but it doesnt matter much 12MP is the new normal for flagships. The good news is that the Nokia 8 could cost closer to 500 than 600 as first rumored.

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