Nokia 6 (2018) and Nokia 7 Oreo update roll out officially started

A week after there were reports that the Nokia 6 (2018) has started getting the Oreo update, the company has officially announced the roll out. In a Weibo post today, HMD confirmed that the update has been launched for both second gen Nokia 6 as well as the Nokia 7.

Here’s what the post said (translated):

# New Nokia6 is worth anyway # Android O attack, eat Oreo together! Today, the new Nokia 6 and Nokia 7 officially launched Android Oreo 8.0 system updates. Speed ​​upgrade, more concise, more fluid, a new generation of background management mechanism, lower power consumption and more power saving; gesture operation, turn off the screen prompts, monthly security updates ~ Nokia 6 updates will also be coming soon, please be patient !

As you can see, the post says Oreo stable for the old Nokia 6 is coming soon as well – the company is currently running an beta program for the device.

Source | Via