Nokia 5 and original Nokia 6 start receiving Android 8.1 Oreo update

The Nokia 8 got Android 8.1 last month, and now both the Nokia 5 and the original Nokia 6 from 2017 are in the process of receiving updates to this version of the OS. The two phones got their first taste of Oreo, then in the 8.0 iteration, back in January.

The update is rolling out to the Nokia 5 in India, Tunisia, and Indonesia, while the Nokia 6 is only getting it in India at the moment. We expect more markets to see the new software in the next few days.

The Nokia 5 is facing an 866.7MB download, while the Nokia 6’s will be 933.8MB. For both you will need to grab the file via Wi-Fi. If you have a Nokia 5 or Nokia 6 and didn’t see the update notification yet, you could go to Settings and manually check. After applying the update you will be on the March 2018 security patch level.

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