No more Gear VR on the Note7 until further notice, Oculus says

The unfortunate Galaxy Note7 just cannot catch a break. Samsung officially announced recalling it once again, while the company tries to find out what’s causing its fiery woes, but if you choose you’d rather test your luck and keep yours, you’ll be denied Gear VR functionality.

Oculus has disabled its service on the Note7/Gear VR combo ‘until further notice’ citing customer safety as top priority and referring customers to Samsung for more information. It’s not a surprising move on Oculus’ part – after all, inside the Gear VR is about as close as the potentially dangerous Note7 comes to vital organs (butt cheeks don’t count).

The issue from now on seems to be how customers will go about returning Galaxy Note7 peripherals like the Gear VR or Gear Fit 2 they got bundled with the phone. Both devices can work just as well with the Galaxy S7’s of this world (the S7 edge, too), but after this whole ordeal some users may want to get rid of all things Note7 related. We’d offer Oculus’ advice on the matter – contact Samsung.

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