No more Chromebook Pixels, Google SVP suggests

When you hear Google and Pixel in the same sentence you probably would think of either the smartphone series or the Chromebooks. Well from now on, the Chromebook Pixel wont be a thing anymore. Google SVP Rick Osterloh was asked by journalists about any plans for the Pixel laptop, and his answer surprised everyone – the company has no plans in the future for Google-branded laptops.

Rick Osterloh, Senior VP at Google, said to a bunch of journalists at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the company has no plans whatsoever for any future Chromebook Pixels. And theres more: the current models are not going to be sold any longer on the Google Store. The Pixel brand will be used only for the forthcoming smartphones at Mountain View. Osterloh said that this is not the end of the Chrome OS itself or the laptop market but they don’t have any specific announcements to make right now.

One of the reasons Google is dropping the Chromebook Pixel is probably the price – the device was an example how a premium Chrome OS-ran laptop should perform and look but apparently users didnt like the idea, and they preferred to keep it low when budgeting for a Chromebook.

The Chromebook Pixel successor is the Pixel C tablet but the 32GB edition is out of stock and only the 64GB version is available for $599 at the Chrome Store.