Nintendo issues fix for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con signal problems

If you havent heard, several early Nintendo Switch adopters have been having issues with connectivity of the left Joy-Con controller while the right side had no apparent issues. During this time, enthusiasts have been performing a DIY repair that involved opening the Joy-Con and adding wire to the Bluetooth antenna, improving connectivity and eliminating the issue for the most part.

Left-hand Joy-Con

Further investigation of the connectivity problem has led Nintendo to issue a fix. Unfortunately, for those of you expecting it to be addressed in a firmware update: this is a hardware issue. Thankfully, Nintendo will be repairing Joy-Cons for those of you experiencing the left Joy-Con desync issue.

CNET has documented a Joy-Con with before-and-after photos of Nintendos repair, which turns out to be a really simple fix. An antenna shield is needed right where the Bluetooth signal is emitted from, lack of this shield was causing the Joy-Con to be more susceptible to radio interference. You can refer to the little black foam square on the repaired image.

Source: CNET

Nintendo was offering folks really quick repairs for the left Joy-Con with next-day shipping in both directions. However, since, more of you will contact Nintendo for the same issue, Nintendo will offer the free repair with up to a one-week turnaround time.

Nintendo officially said the problem was a “manufacturing variance” that affected a batch of units. If you’re interested in the grimy details of the investigation, head to the “Source” link below.

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