New video highlights the convenience of Moto Mods

I think we can all safely agree that smartphones are great. It is really as simple as that – now you can carry an amazingly powerful entertainment, communication and productivity tool right in your pocket, which does make the standard PC approach to things seem increasingly more old-school. However, despite all their awesomeness, smartphones have always lacked the hardware modification and upgradability freedom of a computer. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply bring in new parts or better yet, even swap out old ones?

Well, the answer here is obvious and if you remember the original Phoneblocks project, which then became the ambitions Google Ara, it is clear that this is a dream shared by many. Sadly, Project Ara is no more, but that doesnt mean the dream of a modular future is dead. On the contrary, there are still ambitious efforts out there and 2016 has seen a lot of progress in the area.