New Motorola Moto X4 variant coming next week

Motorola has announced that it’ll launch a new Moto X4 variant next week. The company’s India subsidiary took to Twitter recently to make the announcement. Take a look:

Strap in to soon experience speed like you wouldnt believe. Weve reconstructed perfection to give you the all new #MotoX4 that just got that much faster, smarter and sharper. And is still as stunning as ever. Arriving on 1st February.

Motorola India (@motorolaindia) January 23, 2018

While the tweet as well as the video accompanying it doesn’t specifically reveal the key selling point of the new model, given the emphasis on speed, it’s likely that the variant will have higher amount of RAM.

Hey Abhay, stay tuned to our social media pages for upcoming details! You never know you might have guessed it right 😉

Motorola India (@motorolaindia) January 23, 2018

Reports say the device will come with 6GB RAM, compared to the 3GB and 4GB models already available. Announcement is set for February 1. No word yet on pricing though.