Mysterious Lenovo with glossy back leaks

Back in April 2017 the ZUK Mobile division shut down, but Lenovo kept some of its high-profile managers./p>

Chang Cheng, the former CEO of ZUI, posted a picture of a mysterious Lenovo-branded phone with glossy back on his personal Weibo profile.

Mysterious Lenovo with glossy back leaks

The image reveals a new Lenovo device is on its way, but it also caused controversy and confusion among ZUK fans who decided to hype over the upcoming of a successor of the ZUK Z2 that might be named Lenovo Z3.

With Chang Cheng currently serving as Product Planning Manager, this looks like one of many paths Lenovo might decide to take.

ZUK devices have not been manufactured since December 2016, but the spirit of the brand that brought affordable devices with flagship chipsets lives on in some Moto phones in China. The Moto Z2 Play, for example, comes with ZUI instead of stock Android.

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