Motorola One spotted on GeekBench with Snapdragon 625 and 4GB of RAM

This week, Motorola announced the Moto P30 exclusively for the Chinese market. The smartphone itself took inspiration from not only the iPhone Xs notch, but basically the rest of its design. iPhone references aside, the global version of the P30 is rumored to be the Motorola One (leaked images here) and One Power.

Were expecting the One to be the less specd device of the two. Today, the Motorola One appeared on GeekBench unofficially confirming that the device will run a Snapdragon 625 CPU and 4GB of RAM for apps. Meanwhile, the device that was benchmarked is running Android 8.1 Oreo. Considering that both the One and One Power will run, you guessed it, Android One, the devices should launch with Android Pie 9.0 or at least be upgradable to Pie as soon as its released.

The benchmark didnt reveal any other specs like the screen size or camera resolutions. Based on previous rumors, were expecting that the One would have a smaller notched display than the 6.2-inch one on the P30 (which is believed to be identical to the One Power).

Anyway, with the P30 launching just this week in China, we should hear from Motorola about a global release of the Moto One and Moto One Power anytime now.

Please send us your Moto iPhone X P20 P30 jokes, we’ve run out.

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