Motorola Moto Z2 Force is officially launching in India next week

The Moto Z2 Force – Motorola’s current flagship offer will finally be launched officially in India on February 15. The event is already being teased online and media invitations are being handed out. We have to say, however, the excitement is understandably pretty low, since the Z2 Force was originally unveiled all the way back in July 2017.

The Lenovo-owned company does have a certain track record of delaying its devices for the Indian market, but over six months is still a rather unprecedented and not exactly favourable scheduling gap. There is still no word on local pricing for the device, but we can only hope the number will be nowhere near the $750, or so, US launch MSRP, since quite a bit of time has passed and the Moto Z2 Force has been retailing for as low as $375 at one time or another. Plus, initial interest towards the handset has surely died out by now, with enthused early-adopters and Moto Mod aficionados more than likely going the import route already.