Motorola Moto Z currently going for $400 in US

If you are a Motorola fan in the US, and are planning to purchase the Moto Z, you’ll be glad to know the device is currently available at discounted rates in the country. Specifically, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H all have the 64GB model listed for $399.99.

That, if you compare, is a whopping $300 less than what the device usually goes for at these retailers. A quick look at Motorola’s official website, however, reveals a price tag of $450, which means purchasing from Amazon, Best Buy, or B&H will save you at-least $50.

While Amazon and Best Buy don’t reveal when the promo ends, the device’s listing on B&H says the offer runs through September 9. So those interested in availing it have a few days at hand. For more information head to the Source links below.

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