More emoji coming this year interracial couple, sloth, waffles, banjo and more

New emoji for 2019 have been approved. Unicode and Emojipedia have revealed over 230 new emojis characters coming with the Unicode version 12.0.

New emojis include new hand gestures, a new yawning emoji, people in wheelchairs, an electric and manual wheelchair, kneeling person, interracial couples with varying skin tones and a blink person with a walking stick. There are even more emojis with disabilities like a prosthetic arm and a deaf person.

There are some new animals as well including a flamingo, service dogs, a skunk, sloth and otter. New food items include garlic, a juice box, a pearl in an oyster, and a stick of butter. There are also new items like a ballet shoe, snorkeling mask, one-piece swimsuit, and underwear briefs.