Mophie’s new battery case adds 2,070mAh to the Galaxy S9/S9+ for 100

Mophie is the biggest seller of battery cases in the US and owned by ZAGG – the company that makes the Invisible Shield. It has just released two new battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+.

The cases add 2,070mAh extra battery capacity to each phone, improve impact protection maintain the wireless charging.

The case packs have LED status bars on he back to indicate how much juice they have left and works with Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging. When you plug the phone in the wall it gets charged before the battery case.

Both Mophie juice packs will be available by the end of the month for 100 (or $100).

Mophie juice pack for the Galaxy S9 | Mophie juice pack for the Galaxy S9+