Mophie launches two charging cases for the Galaxy Note8

Mophie has launched two new cases for the Galaxy Note8.

The first is the standard Mophie Juice Pack that features a 2950mAh internal battery that Mophie claims provides more than total 33 hours of use. The case is also compatible standard Qi wireless chargers and has support for Mophie’s Charge Force technology. The Juice Pack for Note8 is priced at $99.95.

Mophie Juice Pack

The other is the Mophie Charge Force Case, which is a thin leather case that does not actually have a built-in battery but is compatible with Charge Force technology.

Mophie Charge Force Case

Charge Force is a Mophie feature that puts powerful magnets in accessories that support it. The Charge Force case (and even the Juice Pack) have these magnets at the back, that makes it compatible with accessories like the Charge Force Powerstation Mini, which is a small battery pack that sticks to the back of the Charge Force case using magnets and wirelessly charges the phone. You can then remove this battery when you are done and don’t have to lug a thick case around. Similarly, it also works with other existing Charge Force accessories like the Vent Mount for cars, Desk Mount, and Wireless Charging Base.

The Charge Force case for Note8 is priced at $49.99. The Charge Force Powerstation Mini is $49.95, Vent Mount for $59.95, Desk Mount for $59.95, add Wireless Charging Base for $39.95.