Microsoft Surface revenue improves, still nowhere close to the iPad

Microsoft released its financial reporting yesterday for the previous quarter. Of particular note in that are the numbers for the Surface, which have shown a steady growth.

Surface revenues managed to hit $926 million during this quarter, up from $672 million in the same quarter from previous year. That’s a 13% year over year growth.

While the numbers are looking up, they are still far from Apple manages every quarter with the iPad. While we are yet to know Apple’s figures for the last quarter, the quarter before that the iPad generated a revenue of $4.9 billion, an 11% increase over the $4.4 from the year before that. So yes, the iPad growth is slowing down but it’s still got such an enormous lead over everything else that it’s going to be a while before anyone even comes close.

Meanwhile, we are expecting more Surface products from Microsoft during the October 26 event.