Microsoft Surface Keyboard and Surface Mouse in the works, pictured

Surface, Surface, Surface everywhere. That’s what Microsoft’s basically been doing in the past few years in the hardware space, and for the near future you should expect even more of that. So how about a Surface Keyboard and a Surface Mouse?

Yes, Microsoft is working on both of these Surface-branded peripherals, and they’ve even been caught at the FCC. The regulatory agency has thankfully provided photos of the duo too, so you can glance at them as long as you want.

The Surface Keyboard is, as you can see, a wireless keyboard. It has a numpad, and it’s very flat. And small. It looks somewhat similar to the iconic keyboard that Apple’s been bundling with its iMacs for years.

The Surface Mouse has an odd shape, and doesn’t look particularly ergonomic from these images. Its color scheme matches that of the keyboard, and there don’t seem to be a myriad of programmable buttons here or anything like that. Just a basic, elegant mouse. It might have been inspired by the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse, and interestingly it won’t actually be the first Surface-branded mouse. That honor went to the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition.

It’s still unclear if Microsoft plans on selling these separately as standalone accessories, or whether they will be bundled with the rumored Surface All-in-One when that launches. The announcement of that device should happen by the end of this month, so we’ll find out soon enough.