Microsoft: Sales of Hololens are in the thousands

HoloLens, Microsofts augmented reality headset has been on sale in several countries since the beginning of December. Both the Developer Edition and the Commercial Suite cost $3,000 and are sold through the Microsoft Store.

At the Education technology conference BETT in United Kingdom Roger Walkden from the HoloLens team revealed, that sales of the headset are so far in the thousands, insisting thats all the company needs.

“We’re not trying to sell hundreds of thousands or millions or anything, it’s expensive, and it’s not in huge numbers. So we’re happy with the level of sales that we’ve got – I can’t tell you anything about the numbers, but it’s in thousands, not hundreds of thousands, and that’s fine. That’s all we need,” he said.

Asked about future plans of waiting the production costs to lower, Walkden assured that HoloLens is currently in its version one and the VR market is new. Theres a roadmap were following. For now this is the only device we need in order to get people started on their journey.