Microsoft Lumia 950’s price drops to all time low of 249 in the UK

With every month that passes, Microsoft’s premier smartphones get even cheaper in the UK. Back in August we saw the Lumia 950 being offered for a mere 289, for example. But what if even that felt too expensive for you?

Well, in that case congratulations for waiting another month. See, right now you can purchase the Lumia 950 straight from Microsoft’s own online store for just 249. Yes, SIM-free. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this particular device, but come October we assume it will go even lower.

This doesn’t seem to be a limited-time offer, at least not one of those that makes the price go back up once it’s expired. So while you don’t need to act on this as soon as possible, after all you could – especially if you like Windows 10 Mobile, which should receive the Anniversary Update either immediately after you turn the Lumia 950 on, or shortly after that.