Meizu to launch a new M-series phone on May 23

We got word that the Meizu will unveil a new phone in a matter of days. Details are scarce at this point but it’s clear we’re talking about a device that has affordability as its main focus.

Meizu is also adopting a new strategy this time around – perhaps to allow for an even cheaper price point. The device will only be available on sale through online channels and will not be available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Ard Boudeling, head of Meizu’s Global Marketing, had this to say, regarding the upcoming launch:

“Up until 2015, we had never launched a phone below $275. Making a phone below that price simply wouldn’t offer a great user experience, so we focused on higher-priced segments instead. Over time, however, the smartphone market quickly developed, and so did the affordability of quality components. As a result, we’re now able to bring devices that meet our quality standard to more people than ever before. Our product launch on May 23rd will stand testament to that.”

We’re really curious to see what Meizu will come up with as the M-series has long been delivering devices with a great price/performance ratio.

Stay tuned for more info.