Meizu teases first “holeless” phone, will unveil it tomorrow

The vivo APEX 2019 a phone with no buttons or ports will be unveiled on January 24. That’s two days from now. However, Meizu wants to swoop in and steal vivos thunder by unveiling the first holeless phone tomorrow.

Note that holeless doesnt refer to a phone without a punch hole selfie camera. Obviously there are plenty of those around. No, it means no USB port, no headphone jack, no openings into the phones body.

Meizu's teaser
Same image, but the brightened up

Meizu’s teaser Same image, but the brightened up

Why? We guess the completely smooth exterior will look amazing. And if paired with fast wireless charging, it wouldnt be too different from how many use their phones today (with wireless headphones, cloud data syncing and whatnot).

Whether the earpiece, loudspeaker grille and hardware buttons count as holes remains to be seen. It looks like the vivo wont have buttons, but may use a pop-up selfie camera.

Source (in Chinese) | Via