Meizu CEO confirms Snapdragon 710-powered Meizu 16X is coming in September

Yesterday Meizu announced the 16 and 16 Plus but some expected to see the Snapdragon 710-powered Meizu X8.

Well the Meizu X8 may prove to be named the Meizu 16X and it will be announced in September. The information comes straight from Meizu CEO Jack Wong.

If we accept that Meizu decided to rename the X8 to the 16X then the image below is what it will look like. It will be powered by a Snapdragon 710 and run Android 8.1.

Jack Wong has said that the Meizu 16X will be better than the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE – it will likely have a larger than its 5.8-inch display and will cost less. Currently the Mi 8 SE retails for CNY 1,800 (230) and CNY 2,000 (250) for the 4GB and 6GB versions respectively. The Meizu 16X should cost less than that.

Image of Mezi X8, leaked in July

Image of Mezi X8, leaked in July

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