Meizu 16 will feature an in-display fingerprint and impressive screen-to-body ratio

Even though the Meizu 15 is still fresh on the shelves, the company’s founder started teasing the Meizu 16 and 16 Plus flagships. The firm is expected to launch both devices sometime in August with in-display fingerprint and a modern screen-to-body ratio.

The exciting details come directly from Meizu’s founder and CEO, Jack Wong, so we consider the info solid. He said that it will have thinner bezels than the iPhone X and the Mi 8, but as we know, neither of those devices are leading the exceptionally high screen-to-body ratio race. They are both around 83% so we can expect the Meizu 16 to come with at least 84% and above.

An early report also claims that the two variants of the Meizu 16 will sport different SoCs. The regular-sized model will have to settle for the Snapdragon 710 while the bigger version will go for the Snapdragon 845. However, the last two bits are still unconfirmed but the CEO did say that at least one of the devices will feature the flagship SD845 chipset.