MediaTek is readying an upgraded Helio P60 chip with emphasis on AI

With AI starting to be a big part of our lives, manufacturers continuously push more and more AI-related technologies into their handsets. In response, chip makers have to produce capable hardware that can take the load. Well, MediaTek is planning to do so by optimizing its current flagship Helio P60 chip.

The Helio P60 has had a pretty successful launch this year and has attracted numerous Chinese smartphone OEMs like Oppo and vivo. MediaTek has also outed the first mid-range 12nm chip based on TSMC’s manufacturing process, the Helio P22, and has sold like a hot cake in China and India featured in plenty of handsets.

But while the Helio P22 is AI-capable, the Helio P60 misses the much-needed feature. So it’s only logical for the company to be gearing up with an AI-oriented update to its top-shelf SoC, the Helio P60. Industry sources claim that the updated Helio P60 will be released sometime in the second half of this year.

According to TL Lee, MediaTek’s head of communications product business unit, the company’s research and development efforts are mostly focused on the mid-range and high-end Helio P chips with AI capabilities.