Measuring the bezels of the iPhone X – can Apple win the bezel-less war?

Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen says Apple about the iPhone X. An admirable goal, though Apple is hardly a pioneer here Sharp went bezel-less years ago, Xiaomi pushed the concept into the public consciousness. Still, you cant deny the X is a massive improvement over all iPhones dating back to the original.

We decided to measure Apples achievement how thin are those bezels? Is it a huge improvement over the iPhone 8 Plus? Obviously yes for the top and bottom bezels, but we think those are of secondary importance.

Its the side bezels that matter with todays large screens, thick side bezels can make the phone so wide as to be impossible to hold comfortably.

We measured the side bezels of the iPhone X at 4.13mm. Thats almost a full millimeter thinner than the iPhone 8 Plus bezels (and dont forget any saving here counts twice). Its not as thin as it could have been though, the two Androids we used as control are both comfortably under 4mm.

Perhaps Apple didnt want to go too thin the iPads have great palm rejection, but even then you dont want accidental touches. As you may have noticed, we didnt include the Galaxy flagships as their curved screens are difficult to measure but also exacerbate the accidental touch issue.

Anyway, if you look closely, youll see that the bottom bezel is slightly thinner than the side bezels. So Apple could have gone thinner but chose not to for one reason or the other.

side (mm)
top (mm)
side (mm)
iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus
LG V30
Mi Mix 2

Note that the top bezel includes the notch with the TrueDepth camera. Its impressive that this notch is smaller than the bottom bezel of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, even though it contains a minified Kinect.

Also, its only a millimeter more than the top bezel on the LG V30, despite housing one of the stereo speakers. If you want to imagine a V30 with stereo speakers, you can look at the Pixel 2 XL.

In short, Apples engineers deserves kudos their product strikes a great balance between minimal dead space and ergonomics.