Malaysian pre-orders for the Xiaomi Mi 6 starting on July 31

Here is some great news for those in Malaysia: The Xiaomi Mi 6, along with the Mi Max 2, are both going to be available for pre-sale starting at 12PM on July 31. Xiaomi has posted the official news on its Malaysian Facebook page.

The banner doesnt mention any specific pricing or release date, though the proof can be found on one of the retailers websites. Lazadas Malaysian page shows the Mi Max 2 as Coming soon with an ETA date between Aug 5 and Aug 10, this listing is with a third-party seller. The price of the Mi Max 2 will be RM 1,199, according to this seller.

While the Mi Max 2 appeared on Lazadas website, there was no sign of the Mi 6. But thanks to a Facebook commenter, it looks like Lazada did have the Mi 6 listed but then later took it down. That listing showed the Mi 6 starting at RM 1,899 for the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant.

Wed assume both devices will arrive to Malaysia at the same time, so it looks like an August 5 – August 10 release date is entirely possible for the Mi 6.

Thanks for the tip!