Made for Huawei certified accessories are coming

As it continues to eye the No.1 smartphone maker spot, Huawei is apparently ready to bet big on accessories too. This doesn’t mean that the company necessarily plans to offer more such products itself. But if a new report from China is to be believed, a Made for Huawei program for certified accessories is coming very soon.

As the name implies, it will emulate what Apple and most recently Google have been doing – certifying specific accessories for use with its smartphones. If they undergo the procedure, accessory makers will be able to slap a Made for Huawei badge on their boxes, which in theory should help drive sales.

The first Made for Huawei product will be a USB-C to HDMI adapter, reportedly. It will be made for the Mate 10 series. This is certainly useful, but we’re hoping it will be just one of many certified accessories for Huawei devices.