Made for Google certified accessories debut, initially from 26 partners

Starting today, the Made for Google program for certified accessories makes its debut. As the name implies, this is akin to Apple’s Made for iPhone program, which certifies accessories for use with its devices. In a similar fashion, you’ll see a Made for Google label on the box of every accessory that has been certified by the search giant for use with its hardware products.

Made for Google was unveiled on stage today at the company’s hardware launch. Initially there will be 26 partners selling Made for Google accessories, you can see all of their logos in the screengrab below (taken from the live video stream of the event).

Some of these companies’ certified accessories are already up for grabs from the Google Store. Phone cases, USB-C cables, earbuds, dongles, power adapters, lens kits, tempered glass screen protectors, car chargers – they’re all there ripe for the picking. And when you buy a Made for Google accessory, you’re theoretically less likely to encounter compatibility issues because it was supposedly tested before receiving that badge.