Lyft pulls destinations from your calendar too, will add custom shortcuts soon

Earlier this month Uber added calendar integration, letting you quickly set a destination based on the location of your meetings or events. And now one of Uber’s biggest competitors, Lyft, has replicated that exact functionality in its apps.

For this to work, you first need to give Lyft access to your calendar(s), as you’d imagine. This is a one-time process though, after which you will start to see the locations of your upcoming events as destination suggestions in Lyft. The functionality works with Google Calendar and the built-in calendar in iOS, and its rollout has started today.

The next step in the perpetual feature war between Uber and Lyft is custom shortcuts. Lyft will soon let you add your own shortcuts for specific destinations, which will then show up alongside Home and Work making it easy to quickly select one to get going as soon as possible. So you’ll add your most frequently visited places once and then book a ride to them without needing to manually search for them every time.