LG Watch W7 drops $200 at Best Buy

Do you remember the W7 Watch that LG announced when it unveiled the LG V40? If you dont, its okay. There isnt much worth remembering about the wearable.

The three most notable things about the watch are: its a hybrid Wear OS watch with mechanical hands, it has no heart rate sensor or GPS so no real fitness tracking features, and it uses the outdated Snapdragon 2100 chip. Oh yeah, one more thing. It cost $449 when it launched.

The watch was released just a little over a month ago on October 15 and the W7 is already seeing a drastic $200 price reduction at Best Buy. Granted, were not sure if this price drop is due to it being the week of Black Friday and many retailers are already discounting products, or if the watch is permanently being discounted by 44%.

The W7 looked impressive as it was being announced, but the more we learned about it, the less appealing it became. First of all, the watch is quite large, it has a small battery, and theres no NFC, but the weirdest thing about the watch is how the mechanical hands get in the way of the screen. Even though theres a button that positions the hands horizontally and shifts the screen up so you can see whats behind them, the hands are still always in the way.

Anyway, there are a few reviews up at Best Buys product page, but they arent very good. Wed imagine a high return rate for the W7 as people arent satisfied with poor battery life, lack of features, and a high price point.

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