LG V30 taken apart, watch its f/1.6 camera torn to pieces

Smartphone camera lenses are mentioned usually if they have an impressively wide aperture or bear a famous brand name. But have you actually seen a phone camera lens? The LG V30 includes a glass element in its lens assembly to improve image quality and boasts the widest aperture on a smartphone yet f/1.6 plus OIS. A lot of things to cram in such a small package and now you can see it all taken apart on video.

As for the phone itself, it has a fairly repair-friendly design. No, the battery is not user-replaceable like on previous V-series phones. And a cracked screen likely mean that the whole front panel has to be swapped.

On the plus side, LG used bog-standard Philips head screws. Also, the V30 is built in layers that are connected to those above and below them with pogo pins, reducing the number of ribbon cables necessary.

For example, the wireless charging coil and the fingerprint reader are both connected via pogo pins. More complex components like the screen or cameras do need ribbon cables, though.

Watch the video to see the whole disassembly process unfold, including the promised tour of the cameras innards.