LG V30 supports Daydream VR, is the first phone to use T-Mobile’s 600MHz network

The LG V30 marks two important firsts for fun and usability its the companys first Daydream-compatible phone and its the first device to support T-Mobiles new 600MHz band. (Note: the Galaxy Note8 was rumored to also support 600MHz, but it lacks the crucial Band 71).

The V30 is LGs first OLED-packing phone in a while P-OLED specifically, which LG tells us is a kind of AMOLED. And its HDR-enabled meaning it can better handle the advanced lighting of modern games. Anyway, its large, high-resolution display in a fairly compact body. And theres Snapdragon 835s Adreno 540 GPU to push VR graphics. By the way, the Google Daydream View headset is $75 on Amazon.

LG V30 supports Daydream VR, is the first phone to use T-Mobile's 600MHz network

As for the new LTE band, T-Mobile got the drop on its US competition and the new 600MHz network is already in one location Cheyenne, Wyoming launched a week ago. The lower frequency will allow cell towers to cover more territory and reception in-doors is much better.

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