LG V30 pricing in the UK and the US revealed

The price of the LG V30 has been a bit of a mystery, but stores and carriers in the UK and the US have finally slapped price tags on the flagship.


AT&T will have V30 units in stores from October 6 (next Friday) and pre-orders start the day before. On a 30-month plan, the you will be paying $27 a month. That works out to $810 total.

T-Mobile will be taking pre-orders from October 5 (next Thursday) and online sales will begin on October 13. T-Mobiles Equipment Installment Plan will cost $80 up front and $30 a month. Only the Silver version is available. T-Mobiles 600MHz band is supported.

Sprint has not announced pricing yet, but it has exclusivity on the V30+ (the 128GB model).

[UPDATE] Verizon will also carry the V30 starting from October 5. Pricing details will be announced later.

LG V30: Cloud Silver
LG V30: Cloud Silver
LG V30: Moroccan Blue

LG V30: Cloud Silver Moroccan Blue


Carphone Warehouse has exclusivity on the LG V30. A SIM-free phone will set you back 800. For comparison, a SIM-free Galaxy Note 8 is 870 on the same site.

On contract, the cheapest plan is on Vodafone you pay 80 up front and then 34 a month. Thats a total of 896 with 24 months of unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of 4G data a month.

Delivery is free and the phone will be at your door by November 1 if you choose to buy one. Both color options are available – Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue (but no, theres no V30+ here). Note that Carphone lists headphones among the retail box contents, but doesnt clarify if its a pair of B&O Play.

The LG V30 is hard to find in stores in mainland Europe. The Romanian store is still taking pre-orders at LEI 4,000 (which works out to 765), but thats about it.

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