LG V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 expected to work on T-Mobiles 600MHz LTE

In addition to touting its latest Speed Test results, T-Mobiles CTO, @NevilleRay tweeted a number of graphs and maps showing the carriers progress over the past several months, as well as its LTE availability, reachability, and speeds.

I love this GIF. Well be deploying 600 MHz so fast that were condensing a 2-yr process into only 6 months. ONLY @TMobile moves that fast!

Neville (@NevilleRay) July 17, 2017

T-Mobile has indeed been moving very quickly, in the GIF above, you can see how much T-Mobiles coverage has improved in the past few years. Its strategy must be targeting more remote areas (as seen in the map) where the other competitors might not be on top of their game.

Also happy to announce that @TMobile customers will be able to take advantage of 600 MHz with devices THIS YEAR from 2 OEMs – Samsung & LG!

Neville (@NevilleRay) July 17, 2017

Graphs and charts aside, Ray tweeted the announcement that T-Mobile customers will be able to take advantage of T-Mobiles 600MHz network with upcoming Samsung and LG handsets in 2017, though Apple was not mentioned. T-Mobile also tweeted that its new 600MHz network is now going to roll out in 6-months rather than over 2 years.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already equipped for T-Mobiles 600MHz LTE network, which began rolling out in select markets late-last month. Ray indirectly confirms that both the Galaxy Note8 and LG V30 will also be compatible with LTEs huge lump of precious 600MHz spectrum LTE. Apple is usually slower to adopt new standardized wireless technologies in its smartphones such as LTE in the iPhone 5. We probably wont see support for this band from Apple until next year.

T-Mobile acquired a significant amount of 600MHz spectrum in the FCCs more recent auction where the carrier spent a hefty sum of $8 billion. Lower frequencies like this one and T-Mobiles 700MHz LTE (band 12) improve building penetration and have longer range.