LG V20 will first become available in South Korea on September 29

Yesterday a rumor claimed that LG would only release the V20 in the US on October 21, around a month and a half after its unveiling. And while we still don’t have an official confirmation of the date for the US, LG has at least revealed when the V20 will go on sale in its home market.

South Korea will in fact be the first country in which the V20 will be up for grabs – starting on September 29. The phone is going to be priced at KRW 899,800, which currently amounts to approximately $803 and 718. That said, keep in mind that pricing may differ in other regions. Still, this is clearly priced as a flagship, and for all intents and purposes that’s just what it is in LG’s portfolio. Interestingly though, the V20 is KRW 100,100 ($89, 79) more expensive than its predecessor, the V10, was at launch.

LG mentions that the next markets to receive the V20 will be the US and Hong Kong, “soon after” the start of sales in South Korea. October 21 doesn’t exactly seem to us like it’s “soon after” September 29, so maybe that rumor was off.

Samsung will restart sales of the Galaxy Note7 in its home country on September 28, so it will go head to head with its new competitor from the other big Korean smartphone maker. One thing to keep in mind is that the Note7’s price is KRW 989,800 ($883, 790) over there, so the V20 is actually going to be cheaper than its main rival. Perhaps LG will emulate this strategy in other markets as well.

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