LG V20 went through 60,000 validation tests before mass production

LG held a press tour at its Digital Park in Pyeongtaek, where smartphone production and R&D facilities are located. The event was meant to highlight testing procedures carried out on devices before they go into mass production.

The V20, for example, suffered through a total of 60,000 validation tests, no small part of those just to comply with the MIL-STD-810G military certification requirements. The tests include dropping the phone on a steel bar from a 1-meter height, dropping a steel ball on the device’s display and examining the consequences, and also testing whether the V20 can withstand a person’s full body weight.

Once actually assembled, the phones undergo further testing of their user interfaces by an automated multi-function testing rig, and are then handed to an LG employee (actual person) to manually test the touch sensitivity. Radio reception tests follow.

The facility is capable of producing 5,000 V20 smartphones per day, but that cap hasn’t been reached and the current number averages 4,000. The total capacity of the factory is just short of 40 million phones per year.

Source | Via