LG pulling away from the Philippines

LG is preparing to announce a device with 5G, hover gestures, and Snapdragon 855 at MWC 2019. It will also showcase a foldable phone to the audience. This two news sound amazing, but it seems like not all countries will get the new handsets after a report from the Philippines suggested the Korean manufacturer is pulling away.

According to one Filipino source speaking to an LG executive, all handset business in the country has shut down. The last flagship device that appeared in the Philippines was the G7 ThinQ – even the V40 ThinQ couldnt make it. There is no official confirmation yet, but if LG is pulling away, Filipino fans of the brand could purchase any future devices if a third-party reseller starts importing them, but this usually comes with a fee.

The Mobile Communications team of LG hasnt been doing a great job – recent financial reports revealed it is the only division of the company bringing loss instead of profit. We can only hope the new management can turn the phone business around; otherwise, it will follow Sonys fate and will start releasing hundreds of employees at once.