Lenovo Z1 (ZUK Z1) India launch confirmed for May 10

Turns out the rumors were true – the ZUK Z1 will indeed land in India as Lenovo Z1. This was confirmed by Lenovo in a Facebook post where-in the company also revealed the device’s India launch date: May 10.

The ZUK moniker, however, hasn’t completely been dropped, as the Chinese company is marketing the device in India as ‘powered by ZUK.’ The image shared by Lenovo also confirms that the Z1 will be running the Cyanogen OS in India – we’ve already told you why it’s important as far as Indian smartphone market is concerned.

There was no revelation on the pricing front, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue here as the phone is set to launched in less than a week from now. In China, it’s launch price tag was $285.