Lenovo will never phase out its own brand in the mobile space

Last November an intriguing report surfaced claiming that Lenovo would give up on using its own brand for smartphones. Instead, it would only sell Moto-branded devices starting at some point in the future. This move was said to coincide with the company’s reorganization of its activities in China.

Today however this has been denied by none other than Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing. He told reporters that the reorganization will not affect its mobile business on the mainland. Despite a widening loss for its mobile division, the company is intent on moving forward with the same dual-brand strategy as before – selling handsets under both Lenovo and Motorola names. In some markets you can buy both Lenovo and Moto phones, but in most places it’s one or the other.

“We will never phase out Lenovo”, Yang is quoted as saying, thus putting to rest any rumors saying otherwise, at least for now.