Lenovo says Moto Z family isn’t dead, in response to layoff rumors

Yesterday we told you about some rumors that started circulating regarding layoffs at Motorola’s Chicago offices. Allegedly the Lenovo-owned company was saying goodbye to 50% of its employees there.

In the meantime Lenovo has reached out to let us know that those rumors were false. Here’s the full statement we received:

In late 2017, Lenovo announced a worldwide resource action that would occur over the next several quarters, and impacting less than two percent of its global workforce. This weeks employment reductions are a continuation of that process. We are reducing our Motorola operations in Chicago however this did not impact half of our workforce there and our Moto Z family will continue.

So this is a development that’s been in the works for a while now, and, most importantly, the Moto Z line of flagship smartphones hasn’t been killed off as a consequence. Also, the layoffs did not impact half of Motorola’s Chicago workforce.