Lenovo CEO hints at a possible Moto RAZR comeback with foldable design

HMD has been able to successfully revive the nostalgic Nokia brand of smartphones with worldwide acclaim. The MWC brought return of the Nokia 8110 (banana phone) while 2017 was the year the Nokia 3310 was revived as well.

Motorolas RAZR might be something that Motorola could bring back in the near-ish future. This is according to a comment that Lenovo CEO made to a small group of journalists at MWC, Tech Radar reports.

Yang Yuanqing was asked about a possible Motorola RAZR revival to which Yuanqing commented, With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design. So hopefully what you just described (referring to the Moto RAZR brand) will be developed or realized very soon.

When asked to confirm if he was specifically referring to the RAZR, he replied, I think I have already answered the question.

In 2016, Motorola released a Moto RAZR video that made some of us relive our high school years with just the right amount of technology: phone calls, SMS, and a bare minimum of social media presence. The RAZR starred in the video and had us scratching our heads, wondering if Motorola was just trying to make us nostalgic or if it was teasing us about a future return of the RAZR.