Leaked photo shows redesigned antenna lines on the iPhone 7

It’ still early for the iPhone 7, but alleged photos from the production line have already made their way on the web. The major change on the back (well, according to rumors) is the dual camera, but it seems Apple has redesigned the antenna too.

A close-up of the bottom shows the plastic lines, which weren’t our favorite design element on the iPhone 6 generation, have been retraced. The new lines stick closer to the top and bottom edge, leaving the metal back mostly undisturbed. The lines seem slimmer too, another bonus.

Leaked photos: Antenna lines
Leaked photos: The whole back

Leaked photos: Antenna lines The whole back

These lines are vital to prevent death grip (the loss of signal if your hand bridges any of the antennas) and companies have been looking for ways to hide them. LG recently found a way to make them invisible (but they can still be felt in the hand).

Thanks for sending this in, Sanjeev!