Latest OnePlus 3/3T Open Beta brings aptX/aptX HD support, UI fixes

A new OxygenOS Open Beta update has started hitting the OnePlus 3 and 3T smartphones. Arriving as version 28 and 19, respectively, the update brings a bag full of changes, related to launcher, gallery, contacts, and system.

Specifically, the update adds support for aptX/aptX HD as well as includes UI fixes for Quick Settings. Other system-level changes are mostly optimizations related to WiFi and battery.

Moving on, while launcher-related changes are all optimizations, those related to gallery include new photo map to view photos by location and some UI enhancements. As for changes to contacts, the update adds emergency information (ICE) to your personal information.

Oh, and yes, the change-log also mention upgraded Android security patch, should be for the month of November.

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