KGI: Apple to use Qualcomm modems for some 2018 iPhones

Earlier this month w KGI said that Apple is preparing three phones for 2018, two of them with an OLED screen. Latest information from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is that at least one of the phones might have an X20 modem by Qualcomm, despite the mountain of lawsuits between the two companies.

Source: KGI

In the latest note to investors, Kuo predicts Intel will provide 70-80% of the modems, the rest of the production going to Qualcomm. The baseband chips will offer better LTE transmission speed due to the 4×4 MIMO antenna design support.

2018 iPhones are also expected to have DSDS (dual-SIM dual standby) and dual LTE connections. These are features seen in dual-SIM smartphones, so we might see the first iPhone with a dual-SIM card slot. We might also see a single SIM slot with the other card being eSIM.