Kantar: Samsung leads US market in Q2, but the two iPhones are the best-sellers

Samsung is back as the top smartphone maker in the US, according to data from Kantar. During the second quarter, the Galaxy phones captured 36.2% of the market (up from 32.9% in the previous quarter). However, thats a bit lower compared to the second quarter of last year.

Apples US share rose a solid 4.7 percentage points year over year to 34%. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the two best-selling phones in the country, followed by the Galaxy S7 in third and Galaxy S8 in fourth. Competitor LG G6 is thirteenth.

In the top European markets, Android ticked up 2.8 percentage points year over year, mainly in Great Britain, France and Spain. Samsungs mid-range A-series and affordable J-series were competitive against France’s Wiko as well as Huawei. Huawei was strong in Europe, but mainly on the back of its older models (like the P8 and P9 Lite), rather than the new P10 flagship.

Huawei holds the top spot in China with a 28.3% share (up a bit). Rival Xiaomi regained some ground thanks to the fourth best-selling phone in China during Q2, the Redmi Note 4X. However, Xiaomis average selling price (ASP) is way lower than the national average 41% lower while Huaweis Honor brands ASP is slightly above the average.

iOS held steady in Europe (at 18.4%) and in China (19.2%) with small fluctuations.