Job Interview Questions Prep

Making it through a job interview can be quite a stressful and intense experience for many applicants.

Making it through a job interview can be quite a stressful and intense experience for many applicants.

Consequently, it makes sense to prepare yourself as well as possible, if you get the desired invitation to the interview – and, in this process, you certainly want to make sure that you think about the questions, that will most likely come your way.

If you have already been to several interviews before, then you might have realized that some of the questions are similar, so it is best for you to write down these questions and prepare possible answers to each of them.

One of the factors why candidates usually fail in job interviews is a lack of confidence. Thus, one step towards gaining confidence before the interview is for you to know and prepare for the questions and the possible answers:

* The biggie: Tell me about yourself. The interviewer will ask this question in order to get a better sense of who you are. He wants to learn more about you than is stated on your resume.

Specifically, you can talk about your outstanding achievements in the past or you can also talk about your previous jobs which are related to the position which you are applying for.

And let’s say you said that you are a high achiever and an extraordinary team player. That may be so – but do not just leave it like that. Always offer proof in your answer. Or put simply: Give a specific example that clearly demonstrates the quality that you claim to have. And, as usual, make sure to let the interviewer know how this quality is relevant to the job you are applying for.

* Another biggie: What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses? Make sure to state how you managed to meet deadlines in your previous job, how you solved problems, and how you succeeded with your daily tasks.

And as for your weaknesses: The choice is yours but please choose something that will not immediately cost you the job. Also make it a point to elaborate on what you are currently doing to minimize your weakness.

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