Japan Display Inc is bringing flexible LCD screens soon

Flexible smartphones are shaping to be the next big thing and everyone wants in. Samsung started a program called Project Valley last year and LG showed a rollable 18-inch display.

This technology has only looked possible with OLED screens so far but it appears the good old LCD might still be in the game. Japan Display announced it is currently working on a flexible LCD.

The Liquid-Crystal-Display has a glass layer and thats why all the LCD phones have a flat screen. Japan Display CEO Shuji Aruga said they already started using plastic instead of glass. While not as flexible as the OLED display, the new LCD is bendable enough to mimic the Galaxy Edge design.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

The company declined to say which smartphone makers are interested in the new displays but we already know they supply manufacturers like Apple and Huawei. JDI also plans to broaden its displays to cars and laptop computers.

Mr Aruga says that mass production is planned from 2018 and that there’s already demand from manufacturers.