iPhone X torn down on video, reveals dual batteries

The Apple iPhone X has been covered extensively since a select number of YouTube personalities got their hands on the phone ahead of the launch date. The iPhone X officially becomes available tomorrow, November 3. So as people line up or eagerly await the arrival of the big brown UPS truck to their homes, the iPhone X has already been torn down on video.

Interestingly. The overall structure of the iPhone X is similar to the how iPhones were built in the past: The display is removed from the top and hinges at the top. The iPhone Xs display is connected to the board on its right side, so when opened, it hinges to the right.

First thing we notice under the display are dual batteries. Apple must have decided to split the capacity between two packs in order to fit other components around two small batteries instead of one larger or thicker one.

But before taking the battery out, the guys take out the motherboard first, which is surprisingly small.

Check out the video yourself. The uploader did leave a comment somewhat apologizing for the quality. A higher quality video may be uploaded.