iPhone 7 smokes the Galaxy Note7 in this ‘Battle of the Sevens’ speed test

A beast of a chipset Apple has come up with for the iPhone 7. The A10 Fusion powers Apple’s latest in a ‘Battle of the Sevens’ speed test of the usual type that the folks at PhoneBuff do.

Well, if you’ve been following their tests, the results of this latest VS shouldn’t come as a surprise – after all, the iPhone 6S demolished the Galaxy Note7 in the same drill a few weeks ago. It’s more of the same now, with the latest iPhone crossing the finish line before the Note7 had even made it through lap 1.

While at 3 minutes and 14 seconds the Note7’s total time is about 24s slower than what it showed against last year’s iPhone, those seconds wouldn’t have made a difference. Watch the video below to see the selection of apps in the test and to find out just where the Note7 loses the race.